Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a Modular Kitchen?
A kitchen consisting of various modules (cabinets) fixed together to form a structure is called a modular kitchen. The same can be assembled and disassembled many times without any damages caused.

Q2. How are modular kitchens different from traditional carpenter kitchens?
A carpenter converts the site into a small workshop and fabricates everything manually. Modular kitchen items are manufactured in a factory with high precision machinery and delivered on-site in knock-down condition and then assembled on site.

Q3. What kitchen styles do you offer?
We offer you a customized and stylish kitchen according to your space need such as an L-shape kitchen, Straight kitchen, Parallel kitchen and U-shape kitchen, etc., and modern, contemporary, traditional designs which suit your mood.

Q4. I have a small budget, what options do I get?
We can work on your budget to design and fit a kitchen you can be proud of. Call our expert to know more.

Q5. What warranties do you offer?
We offer 5 years on all cabinets and Shutters against any liquid damage for the same.

Q6. Can you renovate existing carpenter kitchens?
Yes! We do renovate kitchens but it depends upon the condition of the previous materials along with the type of kitchen you’re looking to choose.

Q7. Can I clean the cabinets with water?
Cleaning of the cabinets can be done with a damp cloth by using Colin etc. Never clean the cabinet by flushing water into it.

Q9. What does the planning process look like?
We take your inputs on the preferred layout -> You choose the modules and
materials -> You choose the finish you want -> Then you choose the appliances.

Q10. What brands do you use?